Strange Tales #119

"The Torch Goes Wild!"
"Beyond the Purple Veil!"

Strange Tales #119
April 1964

Written by Stan Lee
Pencils by Dick Ayers (Steve Ditko on Part 2)
Inks by Dick Ayers (Steve Ditko on Part 2)

Remember Ant-Man when he faced off against The Voice of Doom? Or maybe whenThe Fantastic Four went head to head with The Hate Monger? Well this month we see poor rejected Johnny Storm up against a similar foe who rouses the mobs of civilians against him. And just after the FF have went on vacation without him; his girlfriends dumps him; he gets kicked off the football team and all the newspapers want to talk about is the sensational Spider-Man. Sheesh! Between Parker and Storm, these superhero teenagers sure do get it rough. It’s a shame then that Johnny’s stories never quite seem to match Pete’s as this month’s is another by-the-numbers tale that at least tries something new, but unfortunately it’s politics.

Now a recurring feature of the Strange Tales mag, we get another Dr. Strange story where we see him up against Aggamon, ruler and iron fist of the Purple Dimension. The art isn’t quite as bizarre as it has been in previous issues, but there are more than a few panels that top everything else in terms of pure quality. The story itself is pretty interesting too; though doesn’t really get into details considering the meagre 8 page length that it has to contend with. So once again we get a fairly sub-standard Torch story, and a pretty decent Dr. Strange outing.  

MY SCORE: 4.5/10 (Part 1: 3.0 / Part 2: 6.0/10)