X-Men #4

"The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants!"

X-Men #4
March 1964

Written by Stan Lee
Pencils by Jack Kirby
Inks by Paul Reinman

An exhilaratingly action-packed issue for the X-Men this month as they come face to face with their arch nemesis, Magneto and his newly formed Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Slowly but surely chipping away the broad corners, Lee and Kirby continue to develop the X-Men mythos away from your standardised superhero group tact and more towards what they would become known for. The heroes are still kind of undefined at this stage, but it’s still early days, and progress is definitely being shown.

What’s even more exciting however is the ever-escalating tension between these Evil Mutants and The X-Men that reads just as well as the oddly well paced action sequences. In addition to Magneto making his second appearance we also get the introductions of Scarlet Witch, Toad, Quicksilver and Mastermind. Some of them are better than others; Scarlett Witch being given something of an origin, and Quicksilver rather graciously being thrown a conscience too. Toad and Mastermind however come off as routinely villainous. All of this and we get an awesome cliffhanger of an ending where Professor X faces the prospect of losing his mutant powers.

So all things considered, this is a more than decent outing for the X-Men that equals the quality seen in issue #2. Exciting and interesting stuff, for sure. I look forward to seeing where this takes the series in the immediate future.

MY SCORE: 6.0 (out of 10)